April 2018

Along a sun drenched coastline, to the extreme south west of the Indian peninsula, lies Kerala, beautiful and benign. Flanked by the Arabian sea on the west and the mountains of the Western Ghats on the east, this land of Parasurama stretch north-south along a coast line of 580 kms with a varying width of 35 to 120 kms. Cascading delicately down the hills to the golden coasts covered by verdant coconut groves, the topography and physical characteristics change distinctly from east to west. Kerala Government Web portal

In order to ensure the welfare of the Non Resident Keralites, redress their grievances and safeguard their rights that NORKA, the Non Resident Keralites Affairs Department was set up by the Government of Kerala in 1996. Since then, NORKA has been playing a vital role in the lives of NRKs, supporting them in times of need and lending them a helping hand in every possible means

Norka-Roots is the field agency of the Department of NORKA, set up in 2002. It acts as an interface between the Non-Resident Keralites and the Government of Kerala and a forum for addressing the NRKs’ problems, safeguarding their rights and rehabilitating the returnees. Norka- Roots

The Act ensures the welfare of non-resident Keralites by providing for the constitution of a Welfare Fund on the basis of a Non-Resident Keralites’ Welfare Scheme to grant relief, pension, and other benefits to them and to promote companies or co-operative societies or societies or other institutions of non-resident Keralites for their welfare. Pravasi welfare fund

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Spreading diaspora

No matter where they may be living, most Non-resident Keralites (NRKs) would like to stay connected with the land of their birth in some or the other way. The remittance received by Keralalites from emigrants to the Gulf popularly known as “Gulf Money” is the most dynamic contribution to the economy of the State. The desire among the NRKs to stay connected with Kerala make them very ‘high contributors’ to Kerala economy.

Even while engaged in the struggles and hardships to make up a life abroad, each non-residential Malayali is nostalgic about his homeland and his roots. The diverse numbers of Kerala Diaspora, especially from the Gulf have high hopes on comprehensive schemes for NRKs.

NRK welfare is the prime concern of the Government and it plan and executes various schemes and projects for the purpose. Government being committed to the problems of Non-Resident Keralites has launched various schemes in collaboration with other agencies in order to provide social security cover to millions of NRKs who toil away from the land of their birth.

Karunyam: Repatriation of dead bodies of NRKs

“Losing a loved one is very difficult as it is - there is no need for added stress” is not a mere comment from a Non resident Keralite but emphasizing the need of urgent measures to streamlining the process for the transfer of bodies to their home country.